Log into the Contact Center

Navigate to the Voicemail Function. This should be located on the right hand side of the webpage, about a third of the way down. I have marked the button with a red arrow.

You will be Prompted to enter your Voicemail Password. This is the last 3 Digits of your extension by default. 

to do this you will need to select the phone Icon in the upper right hand Corner of the screen. 

After selecting the phone Icon, a Dial Pad should appear. use the Dial-pad to enter your mailbox password.

Select Option 5 "Advanced Options" This Menu will allow you to manage your greetings, re-record your greetings, and select what greeting you will use.

To record your greeting Press 1 and follow the prompts

you can have up to 9 different greetings saved on the system. 

after you have saved your recording, you need to select the greeting. this is OPT 2

enter the number of the greeting you would like to use.

once you have selected a greeting, it should playback the greeting to you, after it plays the message back, it should say "greeting selected"